The Sins of the Father - Jeffrey Pages Best Kept Secret - Jeffrey and advice with this book: Rosie de Courcy, Mari Roberts, Simoi. the sins of the father. St. Martin's Press. New York. JEFFREY. ARCHER this novel are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. The Sins of the Father. View PDF. book | Fiction | World → Pan Macmillan. This is the second part of The Clifton Chronicles, Jeffrey Archer's most.

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The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer | Online Pdf Books. Jeffrey Archer continues the saga of The Clifton Chronicles with this epic second novel in the series, The Sins of the Father. Family loyalties are. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Archer delivers another page-turning, heart-stopping saga, with The Sins of the Father (Clifton Chronicles Book 2) by [Archer, Jeffrey . Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

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I can't explain how disappointed I was with the book. By the end of the book you don't freaking care of Harry's Hugo's son or not. It's becoming harder and harder to believe that this was the same man who gave us Kane and Abel and The Prodigal Daughter. The thing is I grew up on Jeffrey Archer and I can't not read a new Archer book but it's getting harder and harder to be loyal. Can't say I am really looking forward to part three in the Clifton Chronicles.

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Mar 27, Barbara rated it liked it. Turns out Emma's father - shipping heir Hugo Barrington - probably sired Harry as well, back in the days when Harry's mother was an impulsive young woman. His ship was sunk and Harry was rescued by a U.

When an American sailor named Tom Bradshaw died, Harry - wanting to escape his family drama - assumed Bradshaw's identity. This was a mistake! A powerful attorney named Sefton Jelks, who has a secret agenda, arranges a plea deal and Harry is sentenced to six years in prison. While he's incarcerated Harry makes friends with a fellow inmate, deals with a sadistic guard, works in the prison library, keeps a diary, and is a model prisoner Meanwhile, back in England Emma Barrington gives birth to Harry's son.

She also figures out that Harry might not be dead and - leaving the baby with relatives - goes to New York to investigate. Emma is an exceptionally clever, resourceful woman who finds out what she needs to know I love Emma!! Concurrently, Maisie Clifton Harry's mother works in a hotel restaurant and enrolls in classes to learn how to read and write.

In the course of the story Maisie deals with Stan - her vicious bully of a brother; and Hugo Barrington - who's determined to download the bombed out lot that once housed Maisie's tea shop. Maisie also acquires a couple of very respectable admirers. Giles turn out to be a brave and capable soldier whose experiences on the battlefield - and in a POW camp - are impressive and compelling.

As for Hugo Barrington - he's still a ruthless, selfish man who lies, cheats, steals, and uses people. Hugo would do anything to get his way, even if it hurts his own family. The story contains a variety of interesting secondary characters, including: By the end of the book there's a question about the rightful heir to the Barrington title and fortune: Is it Hugo's legitimate son Giles; or Hugo's presumably illegitimate son Harry?

This is the cliffhanger that ends the narrative. The book has a sort of 'fairy tale' vibe since the 'good guys' - though they face much uncertainty and hardship - generally prevail. And the 'bad guys' - who tend to be stereotypes brutal bully; unscrupulous lawyer; greedy businessmen; etc. In addition, who would believe Harry, who has an upper-class British accent, is an American?

Still, I like the story so I'm willing to suspend disbelief a little. You can follow my reviews at http: View all 4 comments. My Rating: I loved all the characters Except Hugo, of course! Find an answer for god's sake! I don't know what kind of turns the next novels are going to take.

Jeffrey Archer

I will be reading the next novel, I hope. Nov 30, Char rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the second book in the series, and it is NOT a stand-alone. The Clifton Chronicles are, as you may have guessed, a series of books about generations of the Clifton family.

That said, I found it to be great fun an This is the second book in the series, and it is NOT a stand-alone. That said, I found it to be great fun and I will be continuing on with the series. Feb 01, Patrice Hoffman rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was won through a Goodreads giveaway! If you're looking for a completely unbiased review this is not the place for you! Bradshaw is being accused of murdering his brother and is taken into custody with no r Disclaimer: Bradshaw is being accused of murdering his brother and is taken into custody with no reprieve.

Before long Harry finds his self in jail after being convinced by his high power attorney that it's in his best interest to take a plea of giulty for desertion so that the state will drop the charges of murder. From then on, the story of Harry moves at warp speed.

The novel shares the point of view of four five focal characters that are integral to the story's progression. Each character is unforgettable and that is what's most enticing about these novels. I have to know what happens to them. It's not an option not to. There's nothing complicated about Archer's writing but I don't feel it has to be in order to get it's point across.

There're few writers I've read that I can open their books that morning and be done with it by the evening. His characters are always interesting, the situations always seem impossible, and his cliff-hangers leave resolution to be desired.

I can't wait to read the next installment in this series The Best Kept Secret. It looks to be just as fun as the last two were. View all 10 comments. May 20, Mj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like his other works of fiction, this is a fast-paced, plot-driven book, one you won't want to put down until you're finished reading the entire story. There is never any blood, gore or violence in Archer's books. He just writes a good story with lots of plot twists and turns.

It is better if you read - Only Time Will Tell Book 1 first for better understanding and hence more enjoyment of Book 2. If you haven't tried Jeffrey Archer before, I highly recommend trying this new series. You'll discover why Jefrrey Archer is Britain's top selling author. Even if you only read the classics or what is often termed "literature", give this series a try for a darn good, well-written story that keeps you wanting more. I myself can't wait for the next one. This novel doesn't stand alone - you must read Only Time Will Tell first - and has no more than a couple of chapters of plot relevant to the bigger saga.

Or perhaps 1. As a result, this short book is stuffed with exceptionally dull filler. I know that people are generally advised to "write about what you know", but surely no-one can have failed to have groaned when a Jeffrey Archer protagonist wrote a prison diary. No This novel doesn't stand alone - you must read Only Time Will Tell first - and has no more than a couple of chapters of plot relevant to the bigger saga.

Nor when the same protagonist starts armed forces training. Nor when his first book sells well in North America, allowing a lucrative deal to be sealed for its UK distribution. Nor when a character becomes an MP. Nor when the plot moves to the House of Lords.

Book:Jeffrey Archer

The one advantage this volume has over its predecessor is that the repetitive structure, and the odd affliction of only the first chapter in each section being written in the first person, has been dropped. All other faults of the first volume remain: Archer has promised "at least" five books in this series: View 2 comments. Apr 13, Eddie Owens rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This is the second part of the Clifton chronicles and I have already reviewed part one, Only Time Will Tell, so not much more to say. Archer is a storyteller; in a more ancient life, he would have told entertained the villagers around the camp fire, with tales of great hunters and mythical beasts.

He uses fantastic locations and events where it's almost impossible not to tell an interesting story: A quick and enjoyable read. It would be injustice to give this book less than five stars. Continuing with the Clifton family saga, the book gets more interesting with the second volume.

More twists and turns with a liberal sprinkling of adventure, this is a delightful story from Archer, the master story-teller. I finished this in a marathon reading session over two days flat, my shortest time yet in a long while. It was so engrossing that you constantly want to know what happens in the next page.

Can't wait to get my hands It would be injustice to give this book less than five stars. Can't wait to get my hands on the third volume. View all 3 comments. I need more Harry! I totally understand the title of the book though.

Because the first book in the series was so great I went directly on to this one and I was not disappointed. The characters evolved nicely and the story line held its own, but it did not make me want to jump right into the third. However, that being said, I do plan on finishing the series but needed a break, perhaps a different genre.

I would recommend this series to those that like epics. Mar 27, Samyuktha jayaprakash rated it it was amazing. I started reading the book at about 4 thinking I would read some chaps during the two hour power cut. Being lazy nowadays - I had convinced myself I am losing my appetite for books. But Archer just proved that my tummy is destined for unseen obesity levels!

Like another reviewer wrote , the book just sucked me in and didn't let me move an inch till the very last page , cursing the author for not writing more and now here I am waiting for the release of the next book. There is also the 'unseen' romance like paths of glory and hell! S - Semi is back to the reading business B Aug 25, Nilesh rated it it was ok. Clifton Chronicles should have been a single book and not broken into five - this becomes much clearer with the Sins of the Father.

More like any middle sections of even good stories, this book is meaningless for anyone who does not remember the details of events from Book 1.

The story moves along but appears without any plot and certainly without any satisfactory end to any of the major intrigues. On the positive side, witty, charming dialogues continue between largely likeable characters. The Clifton Chronicles should have been a single book and not broken into five - this becomes much clearer with the Sins of the Father. The truly evil character is meted with appropriate denouement in surprisingly quick and efficient manner. The sub-plots and side-stories continue to hold readers' interest.

Overall, the biggest fear for anyone reading the Chronicles in real time is that by the time the next episode comes out, one would have forgotten so many finer points of the tales. Harry Clifton has joined the British Navy and has assumed the identity of Tom Bradshaw after his ship sinks in order to solve some of his problems, never knowing that he will end up in prison to serve Bradshaw's sentence for desertion.

In prison he meets Pat Quinn, from whom he quickly starts learning prison trades.

After hard work, he ends up as the prison librarian and begins writing The Diary of a Convict. Back in England, Watson informs everyone about the death and later the burial of Harry at sea. While the letter by Tom Bradshaw Harry is lying on Maisie's mantelpiece, Emma recognizes the handwriting and believes that Harry is still alive. Not allowed to open the letter, she sets out to find Harry. She works on Kansas Star , the ship in which Harry was saved, and from there, she gets to know about the people Tom Bradshaw was with in his last moments.

On visiting their home, she realize that Harry himself is Tom and is now in prison. Harry meanwhile writes a diary about his time in prison. When one of his fellow inmates, Max Lloyd, is released, he requests Harry to keep sending him diaries as he enjoys reading them a lot.

Max publishes them in his own name.

Emma reads the 'Diary of a Convict' and recognizes Harry's handiwork. Harry and Pat are recruited by the US army to cause mayhem behind enemy lines. Giles joins the army and is captured by Germans. He manages to escape but a fellow soldier who was his close friend is killed.

He is awarded the Military Cross.Marianne I did exactly what Karen recommends. Jane Johnson. Giles Barrington - Harry's best friend and Hugo's son. She travels over the Atlantic to investigate for herself, discovering Harry's writing and goes in search of the love of her life.

Emma Barrington - Giles' sister and Harry's love.