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Before writing the Young Samurai series, Chris was a professional musician and songwriter. He's even performed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (but he. Young Samurai: The Way of the Sword. By Chris Bradford. Exclusive Extract. CH 4 A GRAIN OF RICE [EXTRACT]. 'Come here! You too, Yamato-kun.' Jack and. Young Samurai: The Way of the Dragon by Chris Bradford. CLASSROOM .. A fantastic 'Explore Japan' pdf and a 'Japan Now' pdf can be downloaded from this .

Akiko , his closest friend, and Yori , the faithful warrior monk, have accompanied him to England as emissaries of Japan to experience its greatness and see its famed capital of London. Yet even with their Japanese manners and reserve, they find it hard to conceal their disappointment, disgust and shock at the state of the country and its culture.

Nonetheless, their best friend is in trouble and—forever bound to one another—they will do everything in their power to help him find his missing sister. But the hunters are also the hunted.

Rumors are spreading of strange "Shadow Warriors" roaming the land. This final book will draw blood.

Due to unspecified personal reasons, the publication of book nine is set for The book will cover Jack's return to England. The events in the book will mirror that of Book 1, The Way of the Warrior. More characters will return, not just Jack, Akiko, and Yori.

The fate of Jack's sister, Jess Fletcher , will be revealed. Jack will be facing a new weapon in this book—the European Long Sword. The clash of East vs West will be played out on the duelling field and his skills, impressive as they are, will be tested to their limit.

The only problem was that it was abit predictable in the rising action of the story. But this book was still worth it and I would read again. Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan, his beloved father and the crew lie slaughtered by ninja pirates.

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Rescued by a legendary master swordsman and brought under his wing, Jack begins the grueling physical and psychological training needed to become a samurai. Life at Samurai school is fraught with difficulty for Jack who is bullied and treated as an outcast. From Publishers WeeklyStarred.

Debut author Bradford comes out swinging in this fast-paced adventure set in medieval Japan, the first in the projected Young Samurai trilogy.

Twelve-year-old Jack Fletcher has gained a reputation aboard a British merchant vessel as an agile rigging monkey. But after Japanese ninja murder the entire crew, including his father, Jack is left alone and injured to cope with strange customs and indecipherable language.

When he shows his fortitude and cleverness, however, a powerful samurai adopts him and sends him to learn the ways of Japan's warrior class. Jack's story alone makes for a page-turner, but coupling it with intriguing bits of Japanese history and culture, Bradford produces an adventure novel to rank among the genre's best.

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The intricate and authentic descriptions of martial arts contests will hold readers spellbound. Just as potent for many readers, though, are the outright hatred and prejudice Jack faces as a gaijin, or foreigner, while he attempts to master an elaborate code of honor.


This book earns the literary equivalent of a black belt. Ages 10up. All rights reserved.

From BooklistIn , aBritish merchant ship bound for the Japans is attacked by ninjas, and the lone survivor, year-old Jack Fletcher, is taken into the home of a revered samurai.

After dispensing with Jacks initial sense of being lost in a new culture, the story dives directly into what teenaged boys will be looking for: fighting, and lots of it. The action comes fast, and Bradford writes with the authority of a black beltwhich he happens to beand a genuine respect for the subject.

Young Samurai series by Chris Bradford (#1-8)

The minutiae of Jacks samurai training are conveyed with clarity and plenty of bravura, and while the central conflicts in Jacks pathtend to beshallow and fairly telegraphed, the clashes they lead intoare deeper and more satisfying.Drawing inspiration from Hua Mulan, she disguised herself as a boy as the Demons do not allow girls as crew. How do series work?


Wields a naginata. Jack possesses the very thing he will kill for. Penguin Shop Penguin Shop Book bundles.

The Ring of Sky[ edit ] Summer, For his award-winning Young Samurai series, he trained in samurai swordmanship, karate, ninjutsu and earned his black belt in Zen Kyu Shin Taijutsu. A treacherous crew only adds to their problems as they flee south from a ruthless samurai sea lord. But after Japanese ninja murder the entire crew, including his father, Jack is left alone and injured to cope with strange customs and indecipherable language.

Can Jack master the Way of the Sword in time to survive a fight to the death?