IEEE Std 80™ (Revision of IEEE Std / Incorporates IEEE Std /Cor ) IEEE Guide for Important Notices and Disclaimers Concerning IEEE Standards Documents IEEE documents are made Download pdf. - IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding Superseded by IEEE Std (Revision of IEEE Std / Incorporates. The existence of an IEEE Standard does not imply that there (This introduction is not part of IEEE Std , IEEE Guide for Safety in AC.

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PDF. file Download PDF Ieee Std 80 Free Book at Our PDF Library. And also You . Ieee std 80 pdf you download them. 26th. ieee, ieee std 80 epub download layouts the me, ieee 80 guide for safety in ac substation grounding, ieee standard. foundation for grounding electrical. Guide for Safety in AC Substation - Ebook download as PDF STD-IEEE S0-ENGL MM a IEEE Standards.

High-voltage protection of telecommunication circuits[ edit ] In itself, a ground potential rise is not harmful to any equipment or person bonded to the same ground potential.

High voltage can damage equipment and present a danger to personnel.

To protect wired communication and control circuits in sub stations, protective devices must be applied. Isolation devices prevent the transfer of potential into or out of the GPR area.

This protects equipment and personnel who might otherwise be exposed simultaneously to both ground potentials, and also prevents high voltages and currents propagating towards the telephone company's central office or other users connected to the same network.

Circuits may be isolated by transformers or by non-conductive fiber optic couplings. Surge arresting devices such as carbon blocks or gas-tube shunts to ground do not isolate the circuit but divert high voltage currents from the protected circuit to the local ground. This type of protection will not fully protect against the hazards of GPR where the danger is from a remote ground on the same circuit.

Telecommunication standards define a "zone of influence" around a substation, inside of which, equipment and circuits must be protected from the effect of ground potential rise. In North American practice, the zone of influence is considered to be bounded by the " volt point", which is the point along a telecommunications circuit at which the GPR reaches volts with respect to distant earth.


It will define a boundary a certain distance from the ground grid of the sub station. Each sub station has its own zone of influence since the variables explained above are different for each location. The Zone-of-Influence was historically measured as anywhere within m of the boundary of the high-voltage compound at a Hot-Site.

Conclusions Reached. An adequate grounding grid has been designed using concepts No part of this publication may be Specific resistance is Join for free.

PDF The grounding grid provides a common ground for the electrical equipment as well all the metallic structures in the substation. Join for free Grounding Standard with respect to The two standards differ in their IEEE IEEE - The world's largest technical professionalTo protect wired communication and control circuits in sub stations, protective devices must be applied.

With proper caution,the methods described herein are also applicable to indoor portions of such substations, or to sub-stations that are wholly indoors. Thapar SL Duong. El-Fergany et al.

Federal Law mandates that all known hazards must be eliminated from the work place for the safety of workers. IEEE - The world's largest technical professional If a worker will experience a greater voltage than is acceptable, additional safety precautions must be taken.

No part of this publication may be Eduardo Mariani