Apple's line of Mac computers includes the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. As of , all Mac computers come with Apple's OS X operating system, which includes a variety of applications. "Safari," Apple's web browser, "Mail," the emailing program and "Address Book" are. Thanks Bob! Problem solved!. The window for adding a Smart Group, with a group named “Book Club” Smart Groups. The Contacts window with the Map button next to the street address.

Apple Address Book For Mac

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I am looking for the address book on my mac. in the wrong discussion list and you aren't using Lion, Address Book is now called Contacts. You can easily do most of this work inContacts, Apple's built-in address book for the Mac. The power feature of Contacts is the ability to set up. Your Mac has an excellent address book application where you can store your We promise you, Apple's Address Book will make your digital life a bit easier!.

Print Envelopes. You can print envelopes by selecting one or more contacts from Address Book.

Launch Address Book. From the File menu , select 'Print.

Tips for Using Apple's Address Book

To select a specific envelope size and layout, use the Print dialog box. You may need to expand the dialog box to reveal all print options.

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To do this, click the downward-facing chevron to the right of the printer's name. In the Layout drop-down menu, select one of the three regions International Envelopes, North American Envelopes, Japanese Envelopes , and then select a specific envelope type from the list. Enlarge a Phone Number.

When your phone is on the other side of the room, it can be difficult to read the small type that Address Book uses. Instead of writing the phone number down before dashing to the phone, you can enlarge it to span your entire display.

Launch Address Book Right-click on the contact's phone number. All contacts that matches the criteria will be visible in that group. This is a format that most contact applications use.

Remove duplicates from Address Book on Mac.

This means that you can exchange contacts with your PC-buddies that use Microsoft Outlook or some other contact application. If you wish to import a contact, just drag it into the Address Book contact list. To export a contact, just drag it out from the application and drop it where you want it. You can also select multiple files and drag them out of the application.

If you drag multiple items, the exported vCard file will still only consist of one file containing all of the contacts.

Delete Duplicate Contacts on Mac

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You can add and remove items from the "Finder" shortcut menu by dragging and dropping the icon into the menu area. Click on your "Applications" folder.

The "Applications" folder houses all of your programs, including software that comes with your Mac out of the box. To install new applications, drag them into the "Applications" folder.

You can also access the "Applications" folder through the icon on the "Finder" shortcut menu. Double-click on "Address Book. It if does not, select "View" from the top menu and choose "as List. Create a shortcut to your "Address Book" in the "Dock" by dragging the application icon and dropping it where you want to place it.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.You can map a contact's address using Google Maps. Auto Backup To avoid losing contacts, AddressBook Cleaner does create backups before deleting checked duplicates by default. Sure, Apple's Time Machine will back up your Contacts list, but it's not easy to restore just your Contacts data from a Time Machine backup.

Tips for Using Apple's Address Book

Share Pin Email. You can add these URLs to the Safari bookmark bar , for easy access to the websites of friends and colleagues. The idea is pretty simple and straightforward, but pretty useful if you want to safeguard your contacts.