Print and download in PDF or MIDI Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto. This is a transcription for violin and piano. This piece was written by the two. Print and download in PDF or MIDI The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto. Complete "The Butterfly Lovers" Violin Concerto 梁祝小提琴协奏曲. Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto (Chen, Gang) Concertos; For violin, orchestra; Scores featuring the violin; [5 more ]Scores featuring the Complete Score.

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Butterfly Lovers/Liang Zhu - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Sheet music to Liang-Shan Po and Zhu-Ing-Tai, for violin and piano. Submitted to the graduate degree program in School of Music and the Graduate Faculty of The topic of this DMA document is the Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto. This violin concerto the western style orchestra as well as for solo violin. The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto is one of the best known of all contemporary Option(s): Score + Part(s) (Hardcopy): $ Score + Part(s) (PDF): $

I can assure you that no threads were left hanging intentionally or because there might be another book from Talia's perspective.

If you have a specific question, feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments! But, for now, here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers! Question: How old is Alex?

Butterfly Lovers

And, how old was Donavon when Alex was born? Answer: We left Alex's age vague on purpose.

In the original story from way back in , all the characters started out much older. Talia was suppossed to be closer to ish, and Donavon closer to So Donavon having a five-year-old son at the beginning of the series worked out just fine. But, when we decided to make the series YA, we had to make Alex closer to 2. Even then, it means Alex was born when Donavon was only about Because Alex is a big part of the story, we didn't want to write him out, but we also didn't want to play up teenage parenthood.

Then, there was the problem of Alex being too young to do some of the things we had him doing in the original story. So, the answer is: Alex's age is approx. Answer: Never say never.

Butterfly Lovers Concerto

We have talked about writing at least one more book from Kenly's POV, though we don't have anything actually in the works right now.

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Question: Will there be a spinoff, either prequel or sequel series? Answer: Again, nothing concrete right now. I have started the first book in a prequel trilogy that takes place not long after the Great Contamination and follows siblings who both have powers. If anything changes, or when we do set a release date, we'll announce it on all our social media outlets : If we do a spinoff that comes after the events of FATED, Cressa and Kev will feature prominently The story itself is well known in China, although there are some variants in the tale as it is told.

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Zhu Yingtai, an intelligent and ambitious girl, disguises herself as a boy and sets out for Hangzhou, to study. On her journey she meets Liang Shanbo, a poor scholar, who is also going to Hangzhou for the same purpose. They soon find much in common and swear to become blood brothers.

During their three years of study together, they develop a deep friendship, but later Zhu Yingtai is urged by her father to return home. During her years of study she has fallen in love with Liang Shanbo, but has been too shy to admit it to him.

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He is reluctant to say good-bye to Zhu Yingtai and walks with her on the first eighteen miles of her journey home, parting at a pavilion, before she continues her journey. This forms the first section of the concerto.

In the central development Zhu Yingtai defies her father, who has arranged a marriage for her with the son of a rich neighbour. Liang Shanbo decides to visit his friend, and discovers, to his surprise and delight, that Zhu Yingtai is a girl. Liang leaves her, in sorrow, and soon dies of unhappiness.

The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto

At that moment a thunderstorm breaks. Zhu Yingtai immediately leaps in, before the grave closes again.

After the storm, a rainbow appears. Among the flowers rise two butterflies, said to be the souls of the immortal lovers, transformed and now united for ever.

Songs and Dances of the Silk Road, a suite for solo violin and Western orchestra, is based on traditional melodies to be heard in the West of China, from where the famous Silk Road takes its course through Central Asia to the Occident.

These themes are used by the Slovak-born composer Peter Breiner to form a suite that provides a further synthesis of East and West.

In he settled in Canada, where he has continued his varied career as a composer, conductor and pianist.The Vietnamese adaptation extends the roles of the servants of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai as well as Ma Wencai who becomes a cruel and manipulating villain. So, the answer is: Alex's age is approx. Because Alex is a big part of the story, we didn't want to write him out, but we also didn't want to play up teenage parenthood.

The piece has been the most musically symbolic retelling of the legend; at 25 minutes and 40 seconds long, it has now become a classic piece of Chinese music.

Is it a good teaching tool? On learning of the death of Shan-po, Ying-tai visits his grave and in her grief begs his tomb to open. Liang Shan-po has been studying with Zhu Ying-tai, disguised as a boy, for many years during which Ying-tai has fallen in love with Shan-po who is ignorant of her true gender.


A white marble statue portraying Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, the two lovers who eventually turned into butterflies, was placed in the square in front of the Juliet Museum in central Verona during the festival. The actual concerto is considerably longer. This Uygur song depicts the merchants travelling from Xinjiang.