Continual learning is key for sustained long term forex trading success. Browse this list of Chris Capre's top forex trading and psychology books now!. and Pivot Points: New analysis and strategies for the forex market [Chris Capre ] on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Trading Price Action Book. Chris Capre has spent over 10 years and 20,+ hours reading and trading price action. He has examined thousands of examples .

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Chris Capre is the author of Price Action Pivot Points ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Chris Capre's books. Chris Capre Average rating. Learn how Chris Capre from Second Skies Forex almost became a full-time Yoga courses for cultivating a successful trading mindset; Recommended Books. Shop our inventory for Trading Price Action and Pivot Points: New Analysis and Strategies for the Forex Market by Chris Capre with fast free shipping on every.

Hello traders, it has been awhile since I have posted an interview, but I am finally back.

Chris Capre — Buddhist, Trader, Philanthropist. Chris started off wanting to be a Yoga instructor for the rest of his life, but a friend had an intuition that he would be a good currency trader and he turned out to be correct.

Chris says that as soon he started looking at the charts, they seemed to make sense to him. That's not to say that he did not endure some tough times too, but from a very early stage, he knew that he had found his calling. Even though he was very successful at the beginning, he went through the process of being a broker, then a hedge fund trader, then an independent trader and educator.

He never intended to become a Forex mentor, but he was getting so many requests to be taught, that he decided to build a business around it and he started 2nd Skies Forex. I hope you enjoy this interview and learn a lot from it. Chris is a great guy to talk to and I love the fact that trading has provided him a way to give back to causes he believes in and make the world a better place. Here is a video from Chris' YouTube channel that I really liked.


It talks about having the abundance mentality and how he came to adopt it. I think that this is a key point because successful trading is mostly mental and even if you have the skills to trade well, there may be other factors holding you back. To practice an abundance mentality and improve your trading, try one of Chris' courses. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned from this podcast?

Let us know in the comments below. Some links on this page are affiliate links.

Best Places to Learn Price Action Trading

We do make a commission if you download through these links, but it does not cost you anything extra and we only promote products and services that we personally use and wholeheartedly believe in. A portion of the proceeds are donated to my charity partners.

Download this PDF to get started: At FXCM, my work with them was as a broker, and eventually I built up a large client book, top in the company. I was also doing sales, audits for trade executions, working with gold clients, and education - both internally and externally.

I did everything you could possibly imagine inside that organization as I wanted to absorb as much about the industry as I could. So I got into contact with some of the people who had tried to recruit me in the past and one of them hired me pretty quickly. I stayed with them for a year before starting 2nd Skies. We offer all kinds of tools for that.

I have free articles and videos, daily signals and setups, and weekly market commentary. We also have online courses that are designed to teach people how to use the same systems that I use on a daily basis. These are same techniques that I use to build a successful trading psychology and risk management profile, and we help traders interact with other traders in a large community to share their trade ideas and setups every day.

A Trading Mindset: Books To Give You A Mental Edge

We have a pretty strong success rate: our reviews our consistently positive across the board. Those are useful patterns but those patterns are the result of Order Flow, not the cause. So those patterns are reactive, not responsive. I teach people how to look at the Price Action and read the Order Flow behind it. The bottom line is that there really are only a couple of facts about the markets. First, as long as there are downloading and selling orders, the market will move.

And second, the Price Action is a full manifestation of the Order Flow which is the sum total of the downloading and selling orders out there. With my models I employ quantitative based data and strategies to understand the market. For example, how does something statistically hold up over time?

In This Episode

How does this particular Price Action formation result in this being an extreme statistically? There are all kinds of things you can measure from a quantitative perspective, even a particular pattern's effectiveness in a particular environment. So I approach it both from a quantitative perspective and from understanding the Order Flow behind it. Most people are just talking about patterns which keep people reactive and not responsive to the market.

Trading Price Action Book

They think the pattern is the cause of the move and they don't realize it's the result, not the cause. What's made you pay attention to Ichimoku Cloud in particular and offer a separate course on it?

Back then, working for a broker was a huge informational advantage because the broker had a lot more information than was available publicly.

At the time, there was very little information on the Ichimoku Cloud and most of the information was limited to coming out of Japan and one translation and that was it. I started to explore and I really liked the trend trading concept behind it. It's designed to give a lot less signals but it filters out a lot of false ones. To me that sounded very interesting. Of course, Price Action is fantastic but somehow I naturally gravitated towards Ichimoku.

The funny thing is that when I taught an internal class at the broker about it back in , they all laughed at me and thought it was the biggest joke. Now at the same broker, FXCM, one of their largest forum threads is on the Ichimoku Cloud and they have it in six languages. It's something that's definitely expanded and hopefully I've been able to help bring that out into the world and give it some more exposure. And the person who invented it, Goichi Hosoda, had spent 4 years studying number and time theory and he came up with some particular numbers that he felt were crucial.

All of Ichimoku is based on that.

So I didn't want to disrupt those numbers and use alternate settings. I feel that his 4 years of study on number and time theory is far more intricate than mine.

So I trust that. But I've made modifications to certain types of entries. When my students take the trades, a lot of them are getting in at the exact same price which tells me that you can trade Ichimoku in a rule based way.

It does help to have some quantitative data and we've started to expand our analysis on Ichimoku, and I've employed some people who are very good at financial modelling to help me do that. How do you treat PPs differently from what's already out there? There was nothing and I searched everywhere. So I went out and built my own quantitative based strategies solely on Pivot Points.

There are also times when we need to do more study and training than trading. It should be noted, most trading lists like these will typically share some of the staples, such as Market Wizards or Trading in the Zone. He runs SMB which is part prop desk, part training program.

With decades of experience in trading and running a trading desk, Mike has a unique perspective on trading, training traders and what it takes to become successful. This is probably the longest forex trading book review of them all since I have personal experience with Mike, but his unique approach to trading also applies to the mindset.

That is a myth from what I call Trader Disneyland. Consistently successful traders focus on the process and care little about the outcome of the next trade.

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The distinction is enormous. Pierre The Way of the Fight? What does this have to do with trading? Yah good question. Georges St.

Pierre is a Mixed Martial Artist. In his book The Way of The Fight , he shares his experiences, challenges, training methods, and how he personally and mentally approaches mixed martial arts at the highest level. However most are not willing to go through the process and just want the result. With his training as a Neuroscientist, he shares some amazing information about how the brain and body works through the typical days of trading for professional traders at the highest level throughout an entire year.

Want to know what stress hormones do to the brain, body and performance? A must read for traders wanting to learn about their brain, body and how trading affects them both.

Leon Wansleben is a sociologist by trade who also gets to spend time watching an entire FX trading desk. He covers how the top traders manage risk with exceptional skill while building emotional courage and stamina to survive the learning curve. He also goes in depth how they are trading price action and order flow , often in combination with fundamental analysis.I understand you may disagree with what I am saying which is fine and I support you to have your differing opinions.

He covers how the top traders manage risk with exceptional skill while building emotional courage and stamina to survive the learning curve.

Do not link to other sites with articles on price action as an addendum to rule 2 Have an open mind about this, ideas and trading, especially when discussing different points of view If you are going to talk about a trade you took, please post the actual chart from your broker platform showing the entry and exit at a minimum.

These various price fluctuations will look different based on what time frame being used when looking at price action on any instrument.

But I do like your color. I personally consider Chris as a leader in the trading industry. This is probably the longest forex trading book review of them all since I have personal experience with Mike, but his unique approach to trading also applies to the mindset.