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PART 3 – COMPOUND STICKINGS. The term 'compound' sticking refers to those patterns that contain both single and double strokes. By using such patterns. Gary Chaffee - Sticking Patterns # Rhythm and meter patterns gary chaffee pdf - and meter patterns gary chaffee pdf Gary Chaffee. In Sticking Patterns, Gary's unique approach to the use of stickings is explored. The four-volume Patterns series by Gary Chaffee is one of the most contemporary and comprehensive Format: PDF + CD (mp3), pages.

Group A stickings in a four-note rhythm, but they are only in 3's, 5's and 7's, not in 4's, yet the study 12 is a four note rhythm and he gives the stickings for those in group B. Is there any reason for that and what stickings should I apply in the study 12? I hope someone will notice this cause the thread is a bit older and I saw no need to open a new one, and It's not really a big problem, just bugs me a bit.

In study 12 there are four notes per beat, but the accents fall every 3rd, 5th, or 7th note, which does work with the group A stickings.

Sticking Patterns

So the first four measures go: Duck Tape. Sorry to revive an old thread but does this book start with study 12 or am I missing some pages?

Originally Posted by Dre Originally Posted by Souljacker. Seems you are. The book starts with single accent patterns.

Study 12 is quite a bit in. Thread Tools.

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The time now is Contact Us - Drummerworld http: User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Alesi Member. Join Date: Jul Location: Argentina Posts: I suck when it comes to play sevenths and not to say if there are polyrhythms on it.

I tried to play it at extremely low tempos and it is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance for your help.

Gary Chaffee - Sticking Patterns.pdf

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A must for the serious student. Having trouble being creative behind the kit? Tired of being too repetitive n predictable? Then look no further.

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This book works wonders and opens up a new world of possibilities and ideas. It truly is a great book for all levels. This is not a beginners book. But once you get to the level where you can read the rhythms the material is highly valuable and versatile. It will change the way you think and hear the instrument.

Chaffee teaches the elements and lets you make the music. A basic food group for drummers.He approved, but then suggested I add a 4B sticking to it, to make it a 16th note phrase, then double it and play it as a 32nd note groove. I think Chaffee's book are THE most progressive books on the market today.

This can break your fills and soloing free from predictable trite licks, and because the note groupings are often not familiar to your listeners, it can give the patterns you play an "improvised" sound, even when you are playing a specific repeating pattern. St time linear time rhythm and meter gary chaffees innovative teaching.

So, without further ado:.