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Intrinsic risk factors such as structural asymmetries have received less attention in recent years. Purpose The primary purposes of the current study were to 1 describe the prevalence of leg-length inequality among female and male high school cross-country runners, and 2 to determine whether leg-length inequality was associated with increased RRI in female and male high school cross-country runners.

Study Design Prospective observational cohort study. Methods Three hundred ninety-three males, females athletes competing in high school cross-country running were followed, prospectively. The runners' right and left leg-lengths were measured with a standard cloth tape measure in a supine position.

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Results A similar percentage of leg-length inequality greater than 0. Side of RRI was not associated with side of longer limb length.

There is running-related literature that suggest that extremes of anatomic variation and malalignment may predispose runners and military populations engaged in running-related activities to musculoskeletal overuse injury. The literature regarding leg-length inequality as a risk factor for RRI is equivocal in adult competitive and recreational runners 11 - 21 and military training populations.

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The author has previously reported on several risk factors in a large prospective observational cohort study. This study describes a patient with DISH and severe motion restriction in both hip joints. Case report A year-old man presented with a year history of slowly progressive, restricted bilateral hip joint motion.

He could independently walk without assistance or device but had gait difficulty due to shortened stride length induced by LOM in the bilateral hip joints. He also had mild bilateral hip pain [numeric rating scale NRS : 2], but no motor weakness or sensory deficit.

Upper and lower extremity deep tendon reflexes were normal, but ankle clonus and a Babinski sign were not assessed.

The passive hip joint range of motion ROM was evaluated in supine and side-lying position using a hand-held goniometer. In contrast, LOM was not observed in the spine. The patient provided informed consent for participation in the study.

Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities

The study was approved by the Institutional Review Board of Yeungnam university hospital. The while blood cell count, C-reactive protein, calcium, and parathyroid hormone levels were within normal range. HLA-B27 was negative. The spine X-ray Fig. The disc heights in the involved spinal areas were preserved. Kim JS. Kinematic analysis of grand jete in Ballet.

Korean J Dance ;14 1 — Do JN. A comparative studies on the bone density, physical fitness, and information processing ability among Korea dance, ballet, and general women.

Korean J Dance ;24 1 — Park JH. Study on flow lines of ballet stance. Korean J Dance ;71 5 — In: Foot and Ankle Surgery. Seoul: Koonja; Kim MJ.

Stanley Hoppenfeld Clinical Examination Pdf

Chungnam: Chungnam National University; Choi SY. A comparative study on pressure applied to toes while performing ballet movements.

Korean J Dance ;23 1 — Kim KS. The effect footprint angle on equilibrated state.

Korean J Phys Educ ;— A study on the changes of structure and function of ballerinas foot. Korean J Phys Educ ;30 2 — Foot and ankle disorders in classical ballet dancers. Korean J Sports Med ;14 2 — A study on the types of foot and ankle injuries in ballet dancers.

Korean J Dance ;18 1 — The foot deformity of ballerina.

Korean J Sports Med ;11 1 —Kim KS. May 3, - Of yahoo questions. Also, he had mild bilateral hip pain [numeric rating scale NRS : 2]. Par gray ryan le mardi, avril 12 , Remembering the Kanji vol.

The necessity of prevention and rehabilitation of dance injuries. Introduction Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis DISH , also known as Forestier disease, is a noninflammatory disease that leads to ossification and calcification of ligaments and entheses mainly in the spine.

Origin of the The impossibility of plant cells' having evolved from a bacterial cell has not prevented evolutionary biologists from producing speculative hypotheses.